I sketched a quick doodle of Blizzard Man, really proud yeah

A different design for Aqua Woman I thought of a couple of days ago. Basically my mind went like, okay Aqua Man is a water tank/bowl, so this gal is well a glass water bottle, I associate Aqua Man with roundish shapes, and something like this works for me, uhh that’s about it,sorry 

Magolor was talking shit I bet, sorry for the dumb tonight, found this in my folder, not gonna finish it uh

I felt like doodling a human Turbo and Aqua…cause why not?? uh sorry, I’ll work on something better

I wanted to doodle a rule 63 solarman just for fun, sorry world

been busy and a lil uninspired lately, it’s all good though

Practicing, my hands are so sweaty guhg the heat is not nice

I wanted to doodle something simple and sweet sorryy, his name is Joan, and drawing Lee smiling feels weird but she looks cute sigh