I turned on my music and this guy’s theme pops up, so I thought I should draw him, happy Earth Day from Fake Man, he’ll throw you behind bars if you don’t put that candy wrapper in the trash 

Why did I decide to animate it, I don’t know I tried, hope it works though…Uh yeah I made a robotsona thanks to this post very cool idea. A simple robit design, reminds me of a magnemite which I am okay with

I am excited for this game 

My internet died for a lil bit, so i started sketching a quick Fake Man cause he is awesome

Just some loser trying to look cool, but failing terribly

I didn’t get the chance to play Crystal Shard sigh, but I really like 02, and I’ve wanted to draw 02 kirby

I sketched a quick doodle of Blizzard Man, really proud yeah

A different design for Aqua Woman I thought of a couple of days ago. Basically my mind went like, okay Aqua Man is a water tank/bowl, so this gal is well a glass water bottle, I associate Aqua Man with roundish shapes, and something like this works for me, uhh that’s about it,sorry 

Magolor was talking shit I bet, sorry for the dumb tonight, found this in my folder, not gonna finish it uh